A Journey to Your­self...

A Journey of Sound

Three-years Naad Yoga teacher-training with Gian Kaur in cooperation with the Raj Academy & Professor Surinder Singh, Yogi of Sound
Starting 16th of November 2018

In the three years of training you will experience Naad, the eternal sound current of Creation. You will develop your own voice. You will learn to understand how your voice can become a remedy for you and others. Acquire new musical skills or extend your existing ones by learning to play one of the most beautiful stringed instruments or the jori (an ancestor and archetype of the tabla). What is more, you will gain experience in teaching Naad Yoga. You will take the first steps in composing and find out how you can dedicate your music to the higher purpose of healing. You will become acquainted with the effect and the application of Raags (in theory and practice), you will get an increasingly better understanding of how your mind works. You will precisely sense and recognise the nature of your various moods and feelings. Finally, deploy your experience gained in this training and your entire wisdom to elevate your fellow human beings and, in particular, yourself by Naad Yoga.

Structure of the Naad Yoga teacher training

Year 1
foundation course
• the ability of listening (Suni-ai)
• voice training & instrumental techniques (Gavi-ai)
• learn to tune your instrument and yourself
• rhythm (Taal)
• precise pronunciation (Santhiya)
• science and the concept of the Raags (Raag Vidhiya)
• selfless service (Seva)
• acting in a way that makes really a difference for yourself and others (Amul)
• SuperHealth meditation

Year 2
healing by Naad – an art and a science (part 1)
• musicology: recognise moods in music and in life
• the microtones: emotional signatures (Shruti)
• composition: understand how your mind works and become the composer of your life
• healing by Naad: diagnosis and “prescription“ of Raags
• consolidation of the pronunciation: Gurmukhi Likhant Kirya
• SuperSense meditation
• Chakra meditations using sound
• daily spiritual practice (Sadhana)
• natural discipline – a contradiction? (Hukam)

Year 3
healing by Naad – an art and a science (part 2)
• Sadhana extended
• musicology: the healing effects of the individual Raags
• composition: find the melody in your innermost self
• healing with the use of Raags: application by means of case studies
• heart work versus hard work
• successful communication: the music sets the tone!
• Sound of Being: from the audible sound to the sound of silence (Anhad)
• learning through experience (Mann-ai) – transforming knowledge into wisdom (Gian)
• preparation for the end-of-training trip: the interplay as a group & how you to lead a Raag

Process per year
• 3 weekends within the group, each followed by
• a 12-week webschool / DVD module with exercises for home studies
• 1 intensive week (year 1 + 2) with Professor Surinder Singh
• recess, serving your own research, the postprocessing & application of what you will have learnt
• within the third year: 2 weekends and an end-of-training trip presumably to India (approximately 2 ½ weeks in March/April)

• basic English language skills
• access to the Internet (to participate in the webschool) or the ability to play DVDs
• willingness to teach Naad Yoga and to share your wisdom with at least three people
• plant a tree once a year while participating in the training

Participants having taken part in all the modules and lessons (including the intensive week and the end-of-training trip) as well as having successfully completed the Sangat & Seva module will receive the Naad Yoga Certificate. In the Sangat & Seva module the students in training will be encouraged to give 108 lessons and to step into the role as a teacher under the guidance of experienced Naad Yoga teacher trainers and Professor Surinder Singh.
Participating in the three years training without active teaching experience (without the Sangat & Seva module) will be attested by the Naad Yoga Diploma.
You will find a detailed description of the Naad Yoga teacher training with the Raj Academy on the website of the Naad Yoga Council.
» www.naadyogacouncil.com

Course Venue & Dates

three-year Naad Yoga teacher training
Weimar (Thuringia), Germany

Course venue for the weekends
presumably KISUM Kreativhaus
Berkaer Straße 43
99425 Weimar

Starting of the course
WE 1 / Friday, 16 November to Sunday, 18 April 2018
commencing each Friday 8:00 PM | finishing Sunday approximately 5:00 PM

Intensive week with Professor Surinder Singh
presumably in Greece
in the years 1 + 2
presumably in June 2019 + June 2020

end-of-training trip of approximately two weeks with Professor Surinder Singh
to India, Canada or the USA
in year 3
presumably in March 2021


135.00 euro per month

(1620.00 euro per year –
payable in 12 monthly instalments)

Additional costs

• Purchase of a traditional musical instrument
(starting approximately at 600.00 euro – depending on the instrument)
Note: it is recommended to order the desired instrument as early as possible. For more information regarding the instruments and advice on the process of the order please mail me: » E-Mail

• travel expenses, board and lodge for the intensive week
(year 1+2) and the end-of-training trip (year 3)
There will be detailed information as regards the costs and general advice concerning the end-of-training trip in time before starting the journey.

• In case you do not live near the course location there will be additional costs for travelling and accommodation during the weekends.

Info & Registration

mobile: +49 (0)151 / 116 197 66
» E-Mail
» Online-Registration

Please attach to your registration a personal letter of motivation of a length of text which agrees with you.

The following questions serve as a suggestion:
Why do you want to do this training?
What are your expectations and objectives?
Have you already developed an understanding for your destiny?
If yes, what do you see as your destiny?
In which areas of your life do you feel you are in flux?
In which areas of your life do you feel cut off from the flow of life?