It’s time for music to play you...

Naad Yoga is innertainment – a counterbalance to entertainment, which nowadays surrounds us day by day. Naad Yoga – The Yoga of Sound – centres and focuses on the human voice and specific melody structures called Raags which were created to specifically address imbalanced and unhealthy patterns within the human psyche and to dissolve them subsequently. Naad Yoga works on the consciousness using sound. For this purpose, the traditional Indian instruments saranda, sarangi, rabab, dilruba, taus and jori are deployed, which have become increasingly rare in the course of the past two centuries. The strings of your heart will ring out and your soul will sing out its darkest pain and its greatest joy.

Teacher Training Course | 16th of Nov. 2018

A Journey of 1001 days to the Sacred Power of Shabad Guru
Starting on Friday, 16th of November 2018

The course takes places at the KISUM music school in the center of Weimar, Germany. It’s a complete teacher training program in Naad Yoga as taught by Prof. Surinder Singh in cooperation with Raj Academy. Participating in the training is a 3 year process. Individual learning although is not finished after these three years and there will be given opportunities to continue growing as a student, teacher and practitioner in many ways even years after the training